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Zero Delivers An Inclusive, Playful Approach to Designs for Juvee Energy Drink

Zero Delivers An Inclusive, Playful Approach to Designs for Juvee Energy Drink

Digitally-native branding agency Zero announces their partnership to craft visuals and digital experience for the launch of Juvee – a new energy drink by Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag – former esports champion, mega-creator and founder of the global lifestyle brand and gaming organization 100 Thieves. Expertly formulated to boost your energy, increase your focus and improve your overall well-being so you’re inspired to add more play to your every day, Juvee’s designs and messaging are similarly centered around the joy of play and mirrors the brand’s inclusive positioning.

In Zero, Juvee found a partner with expansive experience in the ready-to-drink space who could bring the beverage brand’s imaginative perspective to life in the digital world. Eager to rethink the industry’s approach to gaming energy drink brands, Juvee worked with the Zero team to evolve the existing can design and logo (developed by Herman Scheer) to an expansive digital and IRL ecosystem including: art and creative direction, OOH, content creation (3D and photo), animation and go-to-market ads, as well as the UX/UI design and the development of their website. Each element was carefully designed to allow the lively personality of the brand and product to come through – from the vibrant use of color and layouts to the bubble animations that connected to the effervescent nature of the drink. Taking cues from contemporary “emoji” vernacular, Zero also developed an ownable 3D iconography lexicon to communicate Juvee’s flavors and functional benefits – reinforcing the overtly playful and youthful nature at the brand’s core.

This approach helped the brand retain the unique energy of gaming and digital culture, introducing this new brand to the world in a space where users can’t touch, feel, and taste the highly sensorial product. “From the DTC website to the social media designs, Juvee wanted the sense of play to reach beyond gaming and encourage folks to find play in their everyday,” says Co-Founder/Creative Director Mark Goldwell. “Most energy drinks are so performance-centered. Juvee wanted to offer a different outlook that is more inclusive, more youthful, and counter to the energy drink brand extremes that have been historically in-market.”

Carli Nicholas, Juvee’s Director of Marketing says, “Our ambition for Juvee’s identity and positioning is to champion the playful spirit that lives inside everyone. We believe the more we play, the more rejuvenated we feel. We’re not out here hating on hustle culture, but we also know that how you feel is just as important as what you do. When we engaged Zero, they took this positioning and ran with it, resulting in fresh and fun touchpoints that delivered our brand anthem of “Rejuvenating Play” across phones, buildings, streets and desktops.”

Building on their previous work launching category-redefining upstarts like Poppi, Health-Ade, Super Coffee, and Sunwink, this latest work for Juvee helps Zero underscore the important role brand design can play in telling stories and shifting expectations. “We’re proud of our expertise in creating fun, unexpected, unique brands and brand experiences,” says Goldwell. “That’s why we were excited to work with Juvee – helping to build on the brand that Matt created. Our team has the innate ability to capture a spirit, express it, and welcome folks into the party. Juvee is another great example of creating a fresh and new challenger brand that meets culture where it’s at.”

Juvee is available for purchase in the US at drinkjuvee.com and through its exclusive instant delivery partner Gopuff, the go-to platform for immediate delivery of consumers’ evolving everyday needs.


  • Agency/Creative: Zero
  • Article Title: Zero Delivers An Inclusive, Playful Approach to Designs for Juvee Energy Drink
  • Organisation/Entity: Agency
  • Project Type: Digital
  • Project Status: Published
  • Agency/Creative Country: United States
  • Agency/Creative City: NYC/Milwaukee/LA
  • Market Region: North America
  • Project Deliverables: 3D Design, Advertising, Art Direction, Branding, Creative Direction, Design, Photography, User Experience
  • Industry: Food/Beverage
  • Keywords: Juvee, 100 Thieves, Zero, esports, energy drink

  • Credits:
    Partner, Co-Founder + Executive Creative Director: Mark Goldwell
    Design Director: Ryan Sztrok
    Designer: Ben Zerbo
    3D Artist: Diogo Oliveira
    3D Artist: Harley David
    Account Director: Andrea Meilgaard
    Project Manager: Emily O’Brien
    Photography + Retouching: Anthony Giacomino
    Producer: Sophie Pipitone
    Design Director: Steve Kodis
    Logo + Packaging Design: Herman Scheer
    E-commerce Consulting: Sharma Brands