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Yejji Brand Identity Design by Muhammad Faraj

Yejji Brand Identity Design by Muhammad Faraj

Yejji is an application that displays temporary jobs in an hourly system, which is a link between individuals seeking flexible employment and agencies that provide these positions, generally, in graphic design, illustration, web design, motion graphic design, and social media designs, targeting individuals between 18 and 24 years old who are seeking a quick profit return and flexible working hours to fit their schedules since they are still students.

Generally, the jobs available on the application are related to graphic design, such as: Illustrations such as digital art graphics, Website designs, Motion graphics designs and Social media designs

The name Yejji is derived from slang used by teenagers and young adults who are between 15 and 30 years old. There are several meanings to the word (Yejji ) which is used in many contexts, but in general, it refers to unknown or unexpected activities and adventures, as which young people say, “Yejji or not come?”( Arabic Yejji is phonetically the same as the word “Come”)

If there are unplanned activities that result in an emergency. To be closer to our customers, we decided to use the word “Yejji”.

Yejji Clients: Youth looking for flexible jobs (hourly systems) that fit their work schedules, allowing them to make quick profits. Young people who enjoy taking on new experiences and can adapt quickly to new situations. Yejji’s clients are easy to encourage, motivate, and influence, especially if you understand their motivations and ideas and speak their language. Males and Females ages between 18-24 years old Brand Attributes: The target audience is young, stylish, sarcastic, funny, smart and charismatic which means: fashionable, sarcastic, funny, smart and charismatic.


  • Agency/Creative: Muhammad Faraj
  • Article Title: Yejji Brand Identity Design by Muhammad Faraj
  • Organisation/Entity: Freelance
  • Project Type: Identity
  • Project Status: Published
  • Agency/Creative Country: Egypt
  • Agency/Creative City: Cairo
  • Market Region: Asia
  • Project Deliverables: App Design, Art Direction, Brand Creation, Brand Design, Brand Guidelines, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Branding
  • Industry: Public Utility
  • Keywords: Freelancing App

  • Credits:
    Visual Communication Designer & Art Director: Muhmmad Muhmmad FAraj
    Illustrator & Graphic Designer: Abdelhamid Ahmed Abdelhamid
    Motion Graphic Designer: Khaled Hany