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Wide Vision Help Po Pierwsze Open a Restaurant During a Pandemic

Wide Vision Help Po Pierwsze Open a Restaurant During a Pandemic

Po Pierwsze is a place where regional specialities are given a new life in the hands of creative chefs, based on local, fresh products. Currently delicious dishes are served only with home delivery or with self pick-up. We are waiting for the opening so that guests can fully enjoy the specialties.

After the owners’ roads diverged, the place under the previous name was moved to another location. Our task was to create a completely new identification that would not only appeal to the regular customers of the previous place, but also attract new ones. A venue that would attract not only with delicious food, but also with a friendly atmosphere. So we started developing a completely new naming, logotype and full brand identity from printed and online applications. We wanted a characteristic concept, but recognizable on the local market. That is why the logo contains a sketch of the building where the restaurant is located. The starting point was a reflection about what makes people going to a restaurant beyond eating. The key ideas coming out of this were centered around positivity and fun.

We then went on and created a brand that would imprint the space with a warm and playful feeling. The majority of clients coming to Po Pierwsze being groups of friends, they come to share good moments and enjoy delicious food. Therefore an important part of the project, developed during the tough year 2020 for gastronomy, was to create a positive impression. The ubiquitous, vivid colors are acting as a reflection of the experience people would normaly enjoy in this venue.

Started during a strange period of time where many restaurants have gone bankrupt, Po Pierwsze survived the crisis by tailoring their offer. They successfully responded to the needs of their clients, thanks to the several brand assets we conceived for them. At this point, the locals are already praising their food and expressing a genuine connection with the brand.

The project started in October 2020. The different social media profiles, after 2.5 months of existence, has gathered hundreds of followers and the number is constantly growing.


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