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Wallace Church Redesign Sattva Vida Healthy Snacking Company Product Range

Wallace Church Redesign Sattva Vida Healthy Snacking Company Product Range

Sattva Vida is a woman-owned, New York-based company on a mission to make healthy snacking easy and delicious. The company was born when founder Karen Lauterstein stepped away from a demanding corporate career, spent time at an Ashram and rediscovered the importance of nourishing mind, body and soul, starting with the food we eat. All of Sattva Vida’s products are vegan, gluten-free and made with a short list of whole, nutrient dense ingredients. Though the product was exceptional, the packaging felt generic and recessive at shelf. The graphics did nothing to express the high quality product in side, nor were they reflecting Lauterstein’s bright and unique personality. Branding agency Wallace Church & Co set out to create a new look for Sattva Vida that would carry them into the future and capture attention in the competitive healthy snacking world. Using strategy to support design, WC&Co. established the brand’s identity and personality, building a strong cohesion throughout the various channels of sale. The updated branding extended seamlessly to e-commerce, social assets and all other consumer touch-points, with a design that celebrates the product for sustainable growth.

The redesign consisted of a new brand identity (both online and retail), logo and package design. The new logo celebrates the founder’s love of yoga and philosophy of achieving harmony in the mind and body. All of Sattva Vida’s energy bites start with a base of pure dates and nuts. WC&Co. wanted the design to communicate these core ingredients and simple product transparency while adding energy and playfulness. The final packaging design features custom illustrations and a unique color palette for each of Sattva Vida’s 5 flavors, creating a vibrant rainbow effect on shelf and improving shopability.


  • Agency/Creative: Wallace Church
  • Article Title: Wallace Church Redesign Sattva Vida Healthy Snacking Company Product Range
  • Organisation/Entity: Agency
  • Project Type: Packaging
  • Project Status: Published
  • Agency/Creative Country: United States
  • Agency/Creative City: New York, New York
  • Market Region: North America
  • Project Deliverables: Art Direction, Beauty Photography, Brand Creation, Brand Identity, Brand Redesign, Brand Strategy, Brand Tone of Voice, Brand World, Branding, Creative Direction, Icon Design, Logo Design, Packaging Design, Web Design
  • Format: Box, Jar, Sleeve, Tray, Wrap
  • Substrate: Glass Jar, Plastic
  • Industry: Food/Beverage
  • Keywords: vegan, gluten-free, plant-based, snack, bites, simple

  • Credits:
    Creative Director: John Bruno