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Vu Huy Created New Brand Identity For M.q – A Visual Artist Based In Germany

Vu Huy Created New Brand Identity For M.q – A Visual Artist Based In Germany

Quang Tran is a Vietnamese artist, who is currently working and studying at the Fine Art Academy Dresden, Germany.

Recently, Tran wanted to make his works commercially more accessible and visible to the art market. Therefore a brand identity for him as a painter as well as his artworks is considered to be crucial. Given these requirements, I took on this project with great interest and cooperated along with Tran to fulfill his vision, that is, to create a brand identity, which reflects Tran´s artistic expression as truthful as possible.

Our work aims at an organic, natural aesthetic and design language, which is also the backbone of all Tran´s works. The goal is to create a minimalistic, yet coherent background for Tran´s artworks and his image of himself as an artist to be represented on.

Tran requested to have a logo designed, which can represent his identity as a painter. My final concept is based on an image of 4 rectangles symbolizing 4 canvases hanging on a wall.

This simple imagery is comprehensible, yet conveys essential ideas about Tran’s identity as an artist. Paintings hanging on the wall can often be seen at a painter´s studio or at an exhibition. Therefore, we see this imagery as a clear and direct association with painting as an art form and painter as a profession. ​​​​​​​

The shape of this logo also gives the viewer a certain feeling of “imperfection”. This “imperfection” also expresses Tran´s view of his art as imperfect. Though it´s also this imperfection that keeps an artist motivated and dare to take the risk on his endless journey of creating and manifesting.


  • Agency/Creative: Vu Huy
  • Article Title: Vu Huy Created New Brand Identity For M.q – A Visual Artist Based In Germany
  • Organisation/Entity: Freelance
  • Project Type: Identity
  • Project Status: Published
  • Agency/Creative Country: Vietnam
  • Agency/Creative City: Hồ Chí Minh
  • Market Region: Europe
  • Project Deliverables: Brand Design, Brand Identity, Brand Mark, Web Design
  • Industry: Retail
  • Keywords: Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Brand World, Branding, Identity System, Rebranding, Research

  • Credits:
    Creative: Vu Huy