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Visual Research About the Skiing in the USSR by Student Fedor Shchepin

Visual Research About the Skiing in the USSR by Student Fedor Shchepin

Visual research of an amazing cultural phenomenon — skiing in the USSR. Having initially absolutely applied value and being perceived in most of the world as an aristocratic entertainment, under the USSR, skiing developed in a completely different way, which made it a popular sport, and in culture it remained, having a separate charm. History started introducing them into our culture with the bolshevsm coming to power: skiing was included by lenin in the program of military training “VSEVOBUCH”. And the most amazing thing in this is that skiing, in addition to applied meaning, in world culture is frequently accepted as a bourgeois-aristacratician sport (especially mountain skiing). But we have, thanks to the above events, over time this sport became a literally folk.
Despite the small technological success, skiing in the USSR (and still in Russia) have been greatly popular. But this deficiency directly affected the number of studies and collected materials on this undoubtedly interesting topic.

Therefore, in my research, this phenomenon is considered through the objects of visual culture, especially those that have absorbed it into themselves: architecture, graphics and equipment. At the same time, making references to the European experience in the areas under consideration. It is the contrast between the spreads about the USSR and Europe that has become a distinctive feature of the my layout. Among the brutal spreads typed “according to the format”, there are periodically refined spreads with antiqua. In this way, awareness of the “skiing phenomenon” become where, and the look of the development of this sport in the 20th century where fuller.
Considering the study, which included 109 objects, it is safe to say that this is one of the most complete collections of visual culture objects on such a still uncovered topic. I hope that my research will help not only to preserve and study this level of culture, but also develop skiing in our country in different spheres in connecting with affected in the book.


  • Agency/Creative: Fedor Shchepin
  • Article Title: Visual Research About the Skiing in the USSR by Student Fedor Shchepin
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