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Studio Metis Created Packaging Design for Persis Herbal Tea

Studio Metis Created Packaging Design for Persis Herbal Tea

Gilan is the main center of Iranian tea production in northern Iran. Historically, Lahijan is the first city in Iran to have tea plantations. Lahijan, with its mild climate, soil quality and fresh spring water, has the largest area under tea cultivation in Iran. “Lahijan Spring Tea” is the highest quality tea produced in the country. Tea is cultivated in other cities of Gilan, such as Fooman and Rudsar.
Using the most modern production and packaging technology in the world, the Persis brand needed a special charm to enter the store window.

Therefore, the Metis design team tried to establish a direct connection between the originality and the image of the product by taking the idea from the originality of the products and the brand. The main product (tea) and all combined products have a special Iranian origin. Our goal was for the audience to realize that the product is Iranian at first sight. Minimalism and design power were also very important to us. After a few manual etudes, the digital work of the project began using the Photomanipulation technique to add credibility and charm to the packaging. Then a simple layout was chosen for the crowded image to combine the two, to show a simple and meaningful appearance in the showcase.

In the packaging, we have tried to have a different design on each side. All information is used briefly on the packaging sides and on the back and front of different designs. On the one hand there is a creative design and on the other hand there are black pen paintings of Darius, the king of Iran. The Metis team hopes to draw the audience’s attention to quality products that are at the same time simple and stylish.


  • Agency/Creative: Studio Metis
  • Article Title: Studio Metis Created Packaging Design for Persis Herbal Tea
  • Organisation/Entity: Agency
  • Project Type: Packaging
  • Project Status: Published
  • Agency/Creative Country: Iran
  • Agency/Creative City: Studio NEtis
  • Market Region: Asia, Europe, Middle East
  • Project Deliverables: Advertising, Graphic Design, Packaging Design
  • Format: Box
  • Substrate: Pulp Board
  • Industry: Food/Beverage
  • Keywords: Packaging, graphic desigm, tea, herbal tea

  • Credits:
    Art Director: vahid khezrian
    Creative: Nazanin Hedayati