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Student Concept for Hair Combs Brand «Glad’»

Student Concept for Hair Combs Brand «Glad’»

«Glad’» (is a modern brand of amulet combs, rooted in the history of this item, creating a number of unique and functional combs that can also be worn as an accessory. Combs from ancient times in Russia had great significance for girls, they used as amulets, protecting from misfortunes, giving strength and beauty. The concept of the importance of beauty and protection, that’s what I was interested in taking from the history.

The word «Glad’» is translated from Russian in several meanings, first of all it is a smooth surface, but it is also used as an adjective with the meaning of smoothness (smoothness of hair) and as a verb showing tenderness (to stroke hair). In this variety of meanings and in the tenderness of the word lies the idea of the brand name.

The graphic language of the brand I invented is based on a metaphor referring to the sea element, since the combs are also symbolically connected with nature, in particular with the sea. I imagined the movements of the comb through the hair as the movement of waves, so I used such a typographic technique as wavy lines as the basis of the style. These lines are similar to both waves and hair shapes at the same time. The waves have smooth, elegant outlines, which emphasizes the tenderness and care with which the brand treats its buyers. The logo also expresses the wave-like movement of the comb through the hair. Also, as part of the project, I have developed 3d models of combs, the shapes of which are created based on the concept, they are also smooth and undulating.


  • Agency/Creative: Mariam Tamrazyan
  • Article Title: Student Concept for Hair Combs Brand «Glad’»
  • Organisation/Entity: Student
  • Project Type: Identity
  • Project Status: Published
  • Agency/Creative Country: Russia
  • Agency/Creative City: Moscow
  • Market Region: Europe
  • Project Deliverables: Brand Creation, Brand Design, Brand Identity
  • Industry: Health Care
  • Keywords: hair, beauty, care, nature

  • Credits:
    Designer: Mariam Tamrazyan
    Curator (HSE ART AND DESIGN SCHOOL): Natalia Burdenkova