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Start Tech Podcast Visual Identity

Start Tech Podcast Visual Identity

As the creator of the visual branding for the Start Tech podcast, I took on the challenge of designing a memorable logo, creating eye-catching graphics for social media and other promotional materials, and developing a consistent look and feel for all visual assets related to the podcast. I knew that this project would require a combination of creativity, skill, and passion for technology, and I was determined to rise to the occasion.

I worked closely with the podcast host to ensure that the visual identity accurately reflects the content and tone of the show. We wanted to create something that would not only stand out in a crowded market, but also establish a strong and recognizable brand for the podcast.

Through this process, I learned the importance of attention to detail and the power of consistency. I understood that every element, no matter how small, contributes to the overall look and feel of the brand. And by staying true to the brand’s core values and message, we were able to create a visual identity that truly represents the Start Tech podcast.

I am proud of what we have accomplished and I hope that the visual identity will help the podcast to reach a wider audience and inspire more people to explore the world of technology.

In this project, I was able to merge my love for technology and creativity, and I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to something that has the potential to make a difference. I believe that with hard work, dedication and passion, we can achieve great things and make a positive impact in the world.


  • Agency/Creative: Thiago Silva
  • Article Title: Start Tech Podcast Visual Identity
  • Organisation/Entity: Freelance
  • Project Type: Identity
  • Project Status: Published
  • Agency/Creative Country: Brazil
  • Agency/Creative City: Curitiba
  • Market Region: South America
  • Project Deliverables: Graphic Design
  • Industry: Education
  • Keywords: visual identity, graphic design, podcast, technology

  • Credits:
    Graphic Designer: Thiago Felipe da Silva