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Sokna Brand Strategy and Identity

Sokna Brand Strategy and Identity

Sokna is an end-to-end funerary services company dedicated to serve families that have experienced loss of loved ones. pew. led the endeavors of creating the brand strategy, narrative development & visual identity for Sokna.
Sokna believes that no matter the belief system, everyone deserves a timeout of absolute peace, clarity and possible
transcendence when they’ve lost a loved one. Multiple religious and non-religious philosophies have interpreted death as the mere separation of body & soul.
We’ve mined this separation with creative inquiry and arrived at strategic clarity; everything physical or worldly must be purged out of the mental space.
Ultimately, Sokna’s philosophy culminates in a, rather paradoxical, effort of getting the affected closer to the deceased by creating an environment for a safer, calmer parting. Such a timeout involves an intricate process of weeding out the unnecessary politics of paperwork or logistical hassle from the headspace of mourners.
Sokna takes on this purification process – via a team of experts who understand the morbidity of the occurence – and delivers on the promise. So feel safe. Feel Sokna.
Inspired by Malevich’s White on White artwork; the mourning space can then be seen as a white canvas. The visual language prioritizes uninterrupted, expansive negative space that allows in all spiritual and emotional thoughts to freely flow. Mirroring an experience free from worries of physical struggle or logistical inconveniences.

“We are you, if you had the strength, mental capacity and resources to do it yourself. In other words, we take care of the body, you take care of the soul.” says the Sokna team


  • Agency/Creative: pew. design bureau
  • Article Title: Sokna Brand Strategy and Identity
  • Organisation/Entity: Agency
  • Project Type: Identity
  • Project Status: Non Published
  • Agency/Creative Country: Egypt
  • Agency/Creative City: Los Angeles, CA
  • Market Region: Africa, Middle East, North America
  • Project Deliverables: 2D Design, Art Direction, Brand Creation, Brand Design, Brand Guidelines, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy
  • Industry: Health Care
  • Keywords: Funerary Services, SOKNA

  • Credits:
    Creative Director: Nourhan Wahdan
    Creative Director: AlHassan Elwan
    Photographer: Mo'men Nabil
    Photographer: Youssef Salah