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scd Creates a New Packaging Design for Maikai

scd Creates a New Packaging Design for Maikai

Scd is a design studio specialized in Branding and packaging in Bogotá- Colombia. The design of packaging in Colombia is a little behind in comparison to more developed markets such as the United States and England.
The rise of new ventures has opened the option in recent years to introduce designs with different characteristics to multinationals and traditional Colombian companies.

Maikai is a Colombian business of authentic honey, produced on a farm in the Eastern Plains. Within the brief, the client told us that they wanted to have an elegant design where homage was paid to the bee and the trees of the farm.
The target audience are people of medium high and high purchasing power (for its price) who appreciate paying a little more for a 100% natural and organic product. Its commercialization will be done in specialized retailers and in its own sales channel. Initially the company plans to have a single package presentation in a generic bottle for cost. But later they plan to have less generic packaging, although in glass. Despite having this limitation of the bottle, they stated that the label wanted it to convey quality, so one of the chosen inks wanted it to be metallic.
The competition in honeys are traditional honeys with traditional brands with very basic designs. Most are sold in traditional plastic packaging and small labels with a fairly traditional image.

Because it was an undertaking, there was not much budget for the bottle. We decided to leave some budget for a metallic ink.
To solve the brief, a logo and a design that looked aspirational and premium was sought where typographic details are the essence of the design. Illustrations of the bee and the tree of the farm where honey is grown were worked. These are the main elements of the design that together with the typography achieve a well-achieved design. We chose green as the main color because it conveyed the organic nature of the brand and also because it complemented perfectly with the golden foil accents of the label.
The brand now projects itself as a high-quality, organic honey bra


  • Agency/Creative: scd
  • Article Title: scd Creates a New Packaging Design for Maikai
  • Organisation/Entity: Agency, Published Commercial Design
  • Project Type: Packaging
  • Project Status: Published
  • Agency/Creative Country: Colombia
  • Market Region: South America
  • Project Deliverables: Brand Architecture, Brand Creation, Brand Identity, Branding, Packaging Design
  • Format: Jar
  • Substrate: Glass