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Razdevalka Barbershop Rebranding Student Concept by Anastasia Menyakina

Razdevalka Barbershop Rebranding Student Concept by Anastasia Menyakina

“Razdevalka” is the first Russian barbershop where only girls work, which is an accent for the brand. The large Mone holding, which includes the Razdevalka barbershop, has a large number of outlets that provide various salon services. The company actively offers a franchise for business development and expansion. There are already more than 15 barbershops in Moscow, 5 branches in St. Petersburg.

Brand concept: “When you are in the sports locker room after a workout, you can exhale and enjoy the work done. Relax and enjoy!” Barbershops provide a wide range of services and also offer signature services such as head massages and hair treatments. The cost of a haircut is lower than that of competitors. There are additional services in the form of providing soft drinks, a game console, table football and watching a sports broadcast. The idea of ​​a barbershop is that this is a place where you can come and get not only a new hairstyle, but also positive emotions from communication and playing the console.

New brand concept: The concept is based on the geometry of the lockers in the sports locker room. The whole theme is complemented by the silhouettes of women in sportswear, pictograms of tools and the main font. Based on the research, a grid structure of lockers and their doors in the dressing room was revealed, which further serves as a container for tool pictograms. Also, the “doors” serve as carriers of the main text block and additional / informational text. A series of instruments is rendered in a single style and is part of the identity.
The grid also lets you apply photos, rearrange icons, and create combinations for different media sizes. The work was done in three primary colors (black, red, white) and black and white photos for the uniform style brand.


  • Agency/Creative: Anastasia Menyakina
  • Article Title: Razdevalka Barbershop Rebranding Student Concept by Anastasia Menyakina
  • Organisation/Entity: Student
  • Project Type: Identity
  • Project Status: Published
  • Agency/Creative Country: Russia
  • Agency/Creative City: HSE Art And Design School
  • Market Region: Europe, Global
  • Project Deliverables: Art Direction, Brand Identity, Branding, Design, Graphic Design, Rebranding
  • Industry: Health Care, Public Utility
  • Keywords: Rebranding. Identity. Brand. Barbershop.

  • Credits:
    Student: Anastasia Menyakina
    Tutor: Leonid Slavin