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Panos Tsakiris – MALLE London

Panos Tsakiris – MALLE London

” The Brief :’Design a system of packaging solutions (3 sizes) for our products. They must be on brand and be able to be shipped safely worldwide.’

The Company: Designers & manufacturers of contemporary luggage and equipment for bike enthusiasts and adventure lovers.

The Process: The inspiration came from the products themselves within the context of adventure (guidelines).

The Solution: One kraft paper box and two different size envelopes, with sustainable water -or bourbon- activated sealing tape.”


  • Agency/Creative: Panos Tsakiris
  • Article Title: Panos Tsakiris – MALLE London
  • Project Type: Packaging
  • Format: Box, Sleeve
  • Substrate: Pulp Carton, Pulp Paper