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Packaging Design for Limited Edition “Vigno” Carignan Wine

Packaging Design for Limited Edition “Vigno” Carignan Wine

DAf – Vigno

Organic, biodynamic winery Odfjell approached DAf to design new packaging for its Carignan wine, Vigno. This is a premium wine created from a traditional grape variety previously overlooked by both the wine industry and consumers alike. The name Vigno is a direct reference to the association “Vignadores de Carignan”, set up to promote this little-used variety.

To create premium credentials for Vigno and for the Carignan variety, it was essential to design elegant, transgressive packaging that supported Odfjell’s brand values and adhered to the Vignadores de Carignan association’s strict specifications regarding fonts, colors and labeling information.

To reflect Vigno’s first class winemaking, we worked with the concept of the rebirth of Carignan, employing a minimalist style of black on black wherein the letters that spell “Vignadores” (a play on words blending “vintner” with “Carignan”) are inscribed on the label, and seem to curl and arch across it.

This, partnered with the inclusion of denomination of origin and individual bottle number of only 1,000 bottles elaborated, gives Odfjell’s Vigno a distinctively modern, premium look.


  • Agency/Creative: DAf
  • Article Title: Packaging Design for Limited Edition “Vigno” Carignan Wine
  • Organisation/Entity: Agency Commercial, Published
  • Project Type: Packaging
  • Agency/Creative Country: Chile
  • Market Region: South America
  • Format: Bottle
  • Substrate: Glass