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Motus Identity Design Project

Motus Identity Design Project

Leandra Rexhepi – Motus

This is a skateboard company “Motus” ( In Latin means movement) .

I got inspired by the most important Italian avant-garde art movement of the 20th century, Futurism. A movement that was all about experimenting with the fragmentation of form, the depiction of dynamic motion and dizzying prespectives. To be a Futurist in Italy was to be young, modern and insurgent

The idea of this project was to use abstract shapes and dynamic colors to express movement as it is the action that their product offers. The usage of all these elements is directly correlated to the name of the brand and the product itself.


  • Agency/Creative: Leandra Rexhepi
  • Article Title: Motus Identity Design Project
  • Organisation/Entity: Freelance Promotional, Self Published
  • Project Type: Packaging
  • Agency/Creative Country: Kosovo
  • Market Region: Global
  • Format: Box
  • Substrate: Pulp Carton
  • Industry: Retail