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MG Studio & Famous Vodka – Famous Vodka

MG Studio & Famous Vodka – Famous Vodka

” Famous Vodka is created in New Zealand, using methods invented by clever dead people. Here begins the rebirth of the brand.

A small-scale brand that was known in the New Zealand social scene for its ‘out there’ Marshmallow vodka was lacking in both brand attitude and something to say. We gave it that voice. Against its competition, it lacked all of those rich European heritage stories. So we didn’t give it any.

Using social icons like Kanye, Cara Delavigne and magazines like ‘Dazed’ as inspirations, a unisex attitude and story of ‘love me or hate me, you will remember me’ linked to todays fickle ideas of ‘fame’ was developed. Giving Famous a renewed presence and differentiated it from the competition. The bottles plays up to it name; while the expertly crafted vodka is carbon filtered, UV-filtered and de-ionised, and blended with triple filtered whey spirit which creates a subtle vodka with a smooth aftertaste and none of the burny, ethanol (s)hit of grain or potato vodka. Perfect for sipping or as a cocktail mixer.”



  • Agency/Creative: MG Studio & Famous Vodka , Matt Grantham

  • Article Title: MG Studio & Famous Vodka – Famous Vodka
  • Project Type: Packaging
  • Format: Bottle
  • Substrate: Glass