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Jota Eslava Creates Packaging Design for Olfatto Parfum

Jota Eslava Creates Packaging Design for Olfatto Parfum

This high perfumery project was born with the idea of unifying olfactory beauty with visual beauty. This fragrance cannot be just a product, it must be a sensory experience for the customer. A set. A pack. A unique and personal experience from the moment it is purchased in the store until it is sprayed on the body.
Although its spelling and pronunciation is apparently Italian, the naming has its origin in the Spanish language, specifically in the word “olfato”, whose literal meaning is “smell”, thus enhancing and enriching the strongly artistic concept around the perfume.
The culture and tradition of fashion and high perfumery, highly present and characteristic of European countries such as Italy or France, together with the beauty of a millenary ancestral culture such as the Japanese, where the nuances present in the different elements of Mother Nature have a great importance in culture and art (trees, rivers, plants, mountains, flowers, fauna, sky, clouds, etc.). Together, these components form a balanced, modern, sophisticated and elegant whole where sight, smell and soul are united in a tangible visual and sensory concept thanks to this packaging, whose nexus ends with a graphic design composition tailored to the product and the final consumer. With a warm color palette and high contrasts, we give special importance to the empty space, both between the elements themselves, as in the tracking of the typography. In this way, the design breathes and the air flows between each of the ingredients that make up the design, giving prominence to each and every one of them. The images are represented in black and white to give more depth to the work, making it almost mystical and artistic.


  • Agency/Creative: Jota Eslava
  • Article Title: Jota Eslava Creates Packaging Design for Olfatto Parfum
  • Organisation/Entity: Freelance
  • Project Type: Packaging
  • Project Status: Non Published
  • Agency/Creative Country: Spain
  • Agency/Creative City: Jerez
  • Market Region: Europe
  • Project Deliverables: Creative Direction, Design, Graphic Design, Packaging Design, Typography
  • Format: Box
  • Substrate: Pulp Board
  • Industry: Fashion
  • Keywords: parfum, packaging, italy, japan, eau de toilette

  • Credits:
    Art director and designer: Jota Eslava