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Hanrud Logo and Brand Identity Designed by Trong Duc

Hanrud Logo and Brand Identity Designed by Trong Duc

Phu Lang is one of the famous pottery village and one of the last remaining villages in the North of Vietnam, situated in Phu Lang commune, Que Vo district, Bac Ninh province. The first appearance of pottery was at the beginning of the Tran dynasty in the 13th century, and everyone in the Phu Lang made pottery products were sold throughout Vietnam.

Nowadays, Phu Lang pottery village has become a tourist destination to both foreign and domestic visitors. Phu Lang is one of the oldest pottery centers of the Red River Delta using the traditional techniques to produce the myriad of sophisticated ceramic products. Phu Lang ceramic village present is famous in Vietnam and overseas. There are many of ceramics are annually exported in large quantities to the competitive market as Japan, Canada, Italy, South Korea. As the results, the profession has been improving the living standards of the villagers in Phu Lang. For each family in Phu Lang, passing the craft to the future generations is their best concern, thus many craftsmen have sent their children to the schools specializing of fine art to learn, preserve, and also promote the craft. The Phu Lang villagers always lay preservation as their first priority in life.

Visiting Phu Lang Pottery Village, tourists are warmly welcomed by the hospital and industrious local people. When being asked about the making pottery process, Phu Lang villagers are open and enthusiastic to share their work and suggest tourists some potteries as souvenirs for relatives and friends.

Hanrud is a brand of the young people of the craft village. Hanrud was born to preserve and develop pottery, and to pass on his love of the craft village to future generations.


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    Creative Designer: Nguyen Trong Duc