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Goood Wellness Springs to Life With Fresh New Work From Colossus

Goood Wellness Springs to Life With Fresh New Work From Colossus

This September marks the official launch of Goood Wellness, a new line of supplements and vitamins made from top quality ingredients. Each formula is packed with premium stuff– leaving no room for harmful mystery additives. In a category clouded with shady practices and fillers, Goood products are delightfully gluten free, non GMO, organic, vegan-friendly and feature no added sugar or corn syrup.

Boston design and creative agency, Colossus, built the brand from the ground up working on a complete brand invention- from brand positioning to naming to logo, packaging and beyond. Co-Founders Tom Walsh and Andrew Musto came to the agency with a product idea and a dream. “We knew the D2C category that we wanted to play in and we knew the gaps in the market from a brand and formulation perspective,” says Musto. “But when we first approached Colossus we didn’t have a name or a vibe, or even the physical product. It was an idea in its infancy and they gave it a life beyond what we’d dreamed.”

The packaging features actual fruits, vegetables and botanicals dipped in vibrant, liquid colors and photographed by Yagi Noriyuki in Kyoto Japan. Colossus used macro crops of each composition to give the labels an abstract, yet organic aesthetic.

“We wanted to build a fun brand with a bit of whimsy and positivity baked into its ethos,” said Colossus ACD, Armeen Shaidani. “It’s actually pretty refreshing to acknowledge that there’s no overnight cure-all in the supplement space. We leaned into the idea of baby step improvements, positive changes that occur bit-by-bit. When we feel good physically, we feel good emotionally and spiritually as well. Everything we built for this brand works in service of that vibe.”

Typographically, the new Goood brand uses a combination of the round and playful Nunito (Vernon Williams), the stylish workhorse that is Druk (Commercial Type) and the compact and sporty Tungsten (Hoefler & Co). The trio create a dynamic interplay of letterforms and personality not typically seen in the world of vitamins and supplements.

Additionally, the labels feature a cheeky tone and writing style. The Sleep label, for example, offers the benefit that consumers will “get the kind of honk-shoo sleep normally reserved for cartoons.” The Balance label suggests that you can “get your digestion back on tract.” (get it?) And the Defence label claims that it is “the next best thing to a full body forcefield.”

“In the world of packaging and design, I think the writing often gets overlooked a bit.” says Colossus Copywriter Jillian Apatow. “Too often, brands are only concerned with wearing the perfect outfit. They look great, but leave the house without knowing what they want to say. With Goood, we’ve woven humor, heart, and human truth into every stitch of writing. We want people to read these labels and chuckle. It’s not a meathead, ‘do you even lift, bro?’ kind of brand. It’s got heart and human soul.”

Goood supplements launch on September 21st. They will be available on Amazon and direct-to-consumers starting this Fall.


  • Agency/Creative: Colossus
  • Article Title: Goood Wellness Springs to Life With Fresh New Work From Colossus
  • Organisation/Entity: Agency
  • Project Type: Packaging
  • Project Status: Published
  • Agency/Creative Country: United States
  • Agency/Creative City: Boston
  • Market Region: North America
  • Project Deliverables: Brand Design, Brand Guidelines, Brand Identity, Brand Mark, Icon Design, Packaging Design, Writing
  • Format: Jar
  • Industry: Beauty/Cosmetics
  • Keywords: vitamins, health, wellness, supplements, packaging, vegan, organic, natural

  • Credits:
    Agency: Colossus Creative Co.
    Designer: Armeen Shaidani
    Copywriter: Jillian Apatow
    Design Producer: Ashley Kaiser
    GM Colossus Design: Allison Doherty
    Executive Creative Director: Travis Robertson
    Photography: Yagi Studio, Front Row
    Client Partner: Andrew Musto
    Client Partner: Tom Walsh


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