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World Brand Design Society
Global Agency Ranking

Global Agency Ranking

World Brand Design Society league table ranking represents the top-most awarded creative agencies and designers in the field of consumer and corporate brand design. This data has been independently curated from the Notable Agencies and Works, now called the World Brand Design Awards. This is the first global league ranking dedicated to the consumer and corporate brand design, we hope it’s as insightful as it is inspiring.

To have your agency on the World Brand Design Society Global Agency Ranking league table for 2019/20, register and enter the World Brand Design Society Awards here.

1 1JKR134United Kingdom1102000
2 2Design Bridge103United Kingdom1001100
3 3Taxi Studio94United Kingdom0011101
4 4Mousegraphics84Greece0010120
5 5The Creative Method82Australia0002000
6 6B&B studio73United Kingdom0000201
7 7Auge Design72Italy1001000
8 8Onfire Design72New Zealand0001100
9 9Pavement72United States0001100
10 10Robot Food72United Kingdom0001100
11 11Springetts72United Kingdom1001000
12 12Lavernia & Cienfuegos63Spain0000111
13 13Backbone Branding62Armenia0101000
14 14MARK Studio62South Africa0101000
15 15Pearlfisher62United Kingdom0101000
16 16Williams Murray Hamm62United Kingdom0001010
17 17Grand Angle Design52France0011000
18 18Pop & Pac Studio52Australia0011000
19 19Voice52Australia0001001
20 20Bulletproof41United Kingdom0001000
21 21Butcher & Butcher41New Zealand0001000
22 22Dorian41Spain0001000
23 23Kingdom & Sparrow41United Kingdom0001000
24 24Landor Hamburg41Germany0001000
25 25Savvy Agency41Portugal0001000
26 26Think Packaging41New Zealand0001000
27 27ThinkBoldStudio41Portugal0001000
28 28Cornershop32Australia0000011
29 29Andrey Antoshkin31Ukraine0000100
30 30Butterflycannon31United Kingdom0000100
31 31Cabello x Mure31Spain0000100
32 32CFC31South Korea0000100
33 33Chad Michael Studio31United States0000100
34 34formascope design31Armenia0000100
35 35Horse31United Kingdom0000100
36 36Midday31United Kingdom0000100
37 37Nendo31Japan0000100
38 38OlssønBarbieri31Sweden0000100
39 39OMSE31United Kingdom0000100
40 40Pond Design31Sweden0000100
41 41ProudDesign31Netherlands0000100
42 42Steve Simpson31Ireland0000100
43 43Thirst31United Kingdom0000100
44 44Anagrama Studio21Mexico0000010
45 45Bolimond21Belarus0000010
46 46BrandOpus21United Kingdom0000010
47 47Bridgemark21Canada0000010
48 48Co Partnership21Australia0000010
49 49David & Vsevolod21Russia0000010
50 50Device Creative21United States0000010
51 51Frank Aloi21Australia0000010
52 52IS Creative Studio21Spain0000010
53 53moodley brand identity21Australia0000010
54 54Stranger and Stranger21United Kingdom0000010
55 55Supreme—DBA21United Kingdom0000010
56 56Thinking Room21Indonesia0000010
57 57Atipus11Spain0000001
58 58Classmate Studio11Hungary0000001
59 59Depot WPF11Russia0000001
60 60DesignCompany11Finland0000001
61 61Dram Apothecary (In-house)11United States0000001
62 62Freytag Anderson11United Kingdom0000001
63 63Harcus Design11Australia0000001
64 64Hype Group11United States0000001
65 65mamba studio11Mexico0000001
66 66Telmo Cendan11Spain0000001
67 67Underline Studio11Canada0000001
1JKR134United Kingdom
2Design Bridge103United Kingdom
3Taxi Studio94United Kingdom
5The Creative Method82Australia
6B&B studio73United Kingdom
7Auge Design72Italy
8Onfire Design72New Zealand
9Pavement72United States
10Robot Food72United Kingdom
11Springetts72United Kingdom
12Lavernia & Cienfuegos63Spain
13Backbone Branding62Armenia
14MARK Studio62South Africa
15Pearlfisher62United Kingdom
16Williams Murray Hamm62United Kingdom
17Grand Angle Design52France
18Pop & Pac Studio52Australia
20Bulletproof41United Kingdom
21Butcher & Butcher41New Zealand
23Kingdom & Sparrow41United Kingdom
24Landor Hamburg41Germany
25Savvy Agency41Portugal
26Think Packaging41New Zealand
29Andrey Antoshkin31Ukraine
30Butterflycannon31United Kingdom
31Cabello x Mure31Spain
32CFC31South Korea
33Chad Michael Studio31United States
34formascope design31Armenia
35Horse31United Kingdom
36Midday31United Kingdom
39OMSE31United Kingdom
40Pond Design31Sweden
42Steve Simpson31Ireland
43Thirst31United Kingdom
44Anagrama Studio21Mexico
46BrandOpus21United Kingdom
48Co Partnership21Australia
49David & Vsevolod21Russia
50Device Creative21United States
51Frank Aloi21Australia
52IS Creative Studio21Spain
53moodley brand identity21Australia
54Stranger and Stranger21United Kingdom
55Supreme—DBA21United Kingdom
56Thinking Room21Indonesia
58Classmate Studio11Hungary
59Depot WPF11Russia
61Dram Apothecary (In-house)11United States
62Freytag Anderson11United Kingdom
63Harcus Design11Australia
64Hype Group11United States
65mamba studio11Mexico
66Telmo Cendan11Spain
67Underline Studio11Canada