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Embacy Created a Brand Identity and Website for Quasar

Embacy Created a Brand Identity and Website for Quasar

Quasar is a private financial and investment company founded to consolidate and manage assets in various parts of the economy. Its interests belong to the sphere of investment, management and business development, real estate development, industrial safety, construction and energy.

Quasar may be characterized as free of stereotypes, flexible, dynamic, and humane. The company is named after a quasar, an extremely bright, distant object visible to radio telescopes. The naming resonates with the company’s market positioning.

The company has huge resources and pivots its assets in many sectors of the economy. Embacy created a visual identity for all of them. Each industry has a pictogram that demonstrates its meaning and impact. This helps the company to communicate visually.

The key visual of the brand is a supernova flash. A supernova is the biggest explosion that humans have ever seen. Each blast is the extremely bright, super-powerful explosion of a star. Depending on the device, the supernova flash can be fragmented. The media background is always black.

It is important for Quasar to stand out. The corporate gradient and glitch silhouette reflect the main visual constants: an explosion of light and color and the contrast of bright effects with a dark background. This glow illuminates crucial elements and emphasizes details.

The website is short, informative and impactful. Based on the cosmic theme of the branding, Embacy designed the main visual of the site – a colorful flowing explosion with Quasar at the center.


  • Agency/Creative: Embacy
  • Article Title: Embacy Created a Brand Identity and Website for Quasar
  • Organisation/Entity: Agency
  • Project Type: Digital
  • Project Status: Published
  • Agency/Creative Country: Armenia
  • Agency/Creative City: Yerevan
  • Market Region: Global
  • Project Deliverables: 3D Art, 3D Modelling, 3D Motion, Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Logo Design, User Experience, User Interaction, Web Design
  • Industry: Financial
  • Keywords: Web Design, Branding, 3D, Motion, Colorful, Finance, Investment

  • Credits:
    Art Direction: Asya Iljushechkina
    Art Direction: Elisey Soloviev
    Art Direction: Nastya Galeeva
    Project management: Denis Zatsepilin
    Project management: Natalia Kolchina
    Project management: Sasha Chuguevskaya
    Design: Miroslav Liamkin
    Design: Nikita Sobolev
    Design: Natalia Tocarenko
    Design: Aleksandra Voronina
    Design: Anton Maydurov
    Website development: Nikita Zinevich
    Website development: Stanislav Dyakin
    Communication: Maria Roshka
    Communication: Sasha Korshenyuk