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Drav Beer for the Young and Free by Wedge

Drav Beer for the Young and Free by Wedge

Drav is a charming beer with a modern vintage vibe, brewed for the young and free. Craft beers are usually illustration heavy with a certain archetypal aesthetic, and then there’s the predictable colour story across the traditional category. But, Drav believes pink is for anyone. This spirit is intrinsic to a brand that’s carefree and finds its energy in youthful ambition. French Canada based business partners looked to create a new, democratic beer brand of quality that embodied this energy.

Drav is the result of defining a brand universe that finds its distinction in a series of classic beloved standard brews we all know and love (American Pale Ale, India Session Ale, etc.) served up in a fresh, exciting, and editorial way that comes to life through energizing photography – a personality unseen in the category. Goodbye old tropes, hello breath of fresh air!

Exuding a fashion, editorial feeling meets charming and functional brand system, the brand was designed to be easy to understand, effortlessly cool, and iconic as a purely memorable and desirable object. This ‘iconic’ goal behind the packaging design development of Drav takes its top inspiration from Homer Simpson’s favourite beer: Duff. An instantly recognizable hit like no other on the shelf in retail or in your fridge. The object takes a life of its own and never hides whether in a busy shop setting or on an advertising billboard. You can’t miss it.The colour palette is arrived by pure experimentation. A pastel punch combined with rich hues to evoke a fresh feeling that yet, is also familiar, and could’ve been there all along.

With zero advertising or marketing spend, a major challenge and key design consideration with Drav was that it needed to sell off the shelf and had to be naturally shareable which really means, people had to love it. And they did: Drav outsold its projections by 300% and sold out across Montreal, it’s premiere launch city. Atypical beer drinkers were suddenly stocking their fridge with Drav for its purely charming nature and its appeal spoke equally to all genders. Since launch, Drav has continued to expand its beer line as well as jump into RTD cocktails.


  • Agency/Creative: Wedge
  • Article Title: Drav Beer for the Young and Free by Wedge
  • Organisation/Entity: Agency, Published Commercial Design
  • Project Type: Packaging
  • Agency/Creative Country: Canada
  • Market Region: North America
  • Project Deliverables: Brand Architecture, Brand Creation, Brand Design, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Brand World, Branding, Identity System, Packaging Design, Photography
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