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Chic Brand Identity for Sustainable No-Added Sugar Granola

Chic Brand Identity for Sustainable No-Added Sugar Granola

Olla is a natural, sustainable granola brand offering vegan, wholegrain products created with no added sugar. They want to create products that are truly delicious but containing only healthy, nutritious ingredients such as organic toasted rye, barley and oat flakes combined with dried fruit, seeds and spices. Their products contain no added sugar, only the natural occurring sugars from the fruit, making them full of taste without any unnecessary or unhealthy additives.
When developing a creative direction for this brand identity and packaging design project, it was very important to reflect the minimalist, sustainable, health-conscious strategy of the brand. Therefore, a crucial element of the project was the choice of an eco-friendly packaging. Then, in order to reflect the highest quality of the products, as well as the natural, organic qualities of the brand, each flavour of granola was paired with a minimalist watercolour illustration that was inspired by the colours of the main ingredients in each product. These simple illustrations provide a chic, modern look with interesting, eye-catching textures, allowing to easily differentiate each flavour.
The modern, stylish character of the brand was also achieved by focusing on a chic style of the font system. An element of fun and interest was added by the use of a modern serif font inspired by the retro styles from the 60’s and 70’s. The vintage curves combined with modern serifs in a contrasting look create an eye-catching juxtaposition. The use of the lowercase in the brand name reflects the warm and fun character of the brand and the big, open letters evoke a felling of ease and openness. Addition of the minimalist but elegant secondary font establishes a modern, fresh look, forming a high quality base for the entire brand identity.


  • Agency/Creative: Karollina Król Studio
  • Article Title: Chic Brand Identity for Sustainable No-Added Sugar Granola
  • Organisation/Entity: Freelance
  • Project Type: Identity
  • Project Status: Non Published
  • Agency/Creative Country: Poland
  • Agency/Creative City: Warsaw
  • Market Region: Europe
  • Project Deliverables: Brand Creation, Brand Design, Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Branding, Creative Direction, Drawing, Graphic Design, Illustration, Packaging Design, Pattern Design
  • Industry: Food/Beverage
  • Keywords: granola; sugar; vegan; wholegrain; packaging; sustainable; eco-friendly; health-conscious; illustration; branding; watercolour; watercolor; modern; minimalist; sustainable

  • Credits:
    Brand & Packaging Designer: Karollina Król Studio