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Chey Shaw Kuan Creates Top-Face Cosmetics Gifts Set Packaging Design

Chey Shaw Kuan Creates Top-Face Cosmetics Gifts Set Packaging Design

Unique Properties / Project Descriptions: The Beautifully designed and recognisable packaging can make a memorable impression. In fact, it is necessary for the mask packaging design to fully match women’s desire for beauty, and then every mask packaging design must be implemented in a more creative way. The concept of feathers shows the unique and refined of the packaging. This packaging conveys the delicate and soft skin that can make the skin like feathers. Therefore, it is very suitable for everyone to send this packaging as a high-class and exquisite present.

The Client: Top-Face Cosmetics is a famous cosmetics in China and a brand under Shenzhen Top-Face Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Top-Face follows the natural and healthy skin care approach, is committed to promoting herbal essences of Chinese medicine, and combines ancient skin care secrets with modern technology to develop a series of products with whitening, moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, and anti-acne effects for people who love beauty. Solve various skin problems, shape beauty, and restore original beauty.

Production/ Realization Technology: We use gold stamping to print the logo. Different textures of stamping will enrich the overall presentation of the packages and refine with more detailed feeling. The feathers is opposite colour within the outside and inner box including the mask. All process is to enhance a sense of order and quality.

Inspiration: This is high-end gift package. There are 7 scratches of mask and 7 bottles of bottle essence. Which with one set of gift set which brings “Smart” restoring to the buyers.

The Challenge: The challenge for the creation of this packaging is that this product is attractive market. So we needed to work on a design that is in tune with our times, and our values: sobriety, efficiency… But on another side, customers that are looking for that kind of product known what they wanted. So we needed to be right on the promise of the product and create a packaging who will meet all the customer’s expectations. Target Audience: Among 25-35 ‘s women.


  • Agency/Creative: Chey Shaw Kuan
  • Article Title: Chey Shaw Kuan Creates Top-Face Cosmetics Gifts Set Packaging Design
  • Organisation/Entity: In-house, Published Commercial Design
  • Project Type: Packaging
  • Agency/Creative Country: Malaysia
  • Market Region: Global
  • Project Deliverables: Brand Strategy, Branding, Graphic Design, Packaging Design
  • Format: Box
  • Substrate: Pulp Board, Pulp Paper