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Bushii Grooming for Distinctive Style and Healthy Skin

Bushii Grooming for Distinctive Style and Healthy Skin

Bushii Grooming was created out of a desire to explore, change, re-invent or just “switch up” any and all facial hair. Whether you have temporary stubble or are growing a world record beard, Bushii is here for you both for styling and for skin health.

From the client:
The birth of a beard guy
My relationship with my beard is a complicated one. When I was young, I grew it out of convenience because I hated shaving. So I’d grow it, then shave when it got too ratty. Each time eventually ending in an itchy, unruly mess. But I was hooked, there’s no point in fighting it, i’m a beard guy now. I had to learn how to take care of it.
The search for the perfect product was on.
But every guy, every beard is different. Finding the right combination of grooming products and scent is tricky. I created Bushii to give guys an easy way to have fun with their beard. Clean, citrus scents that hopefully inspire guys to play around; grow it, shave it off and grow it again.

The Brief:
The ask was to set Bushii apart from the niche beard grooming brands that already exist (you know the ones – hypermasculine, almost Viking-inspired beard aspirations). This brand is about exploring whoever you are in terms of facial hair – whether that’s a couple day’s worth of stubble, a handlebar moustache, or mutton chops. The idea is that Bushii is here for you – whatever you decide to grow.

The Target:
For the man who has been flirting with the thought of growing a beard. Over the past few months he’s skipped his morning shave, and believe me, that felt good. This month he let it go for two days and he kinda likes the look of it. That’s when he asks himself, “Am I just not shaving, or am I actually going to do this? Am I growing a beard?

We want to encourage him: Embrace it, play with it, let it go, let it grow. But if you’re going to do this, for god’s sake, do it right. Keep it clean, keep it soft, and keep it healthy.

Why Bushii?:
Great beard care is about looking after your skin. Sure, your beard is hair. But the hair on your face is different than the hair on your head. Your face doesn’t produce as much oil. And that means regular shampoos are going to be too harsh for the skin on your face. They strip away too much natural oil, and your face can’t keep up. Your face ends up getting dry and then, your beard gets dehydrated, itchy and dandruff shows up. Not cool. Not cool at all. Beyond washing your beard, you want to keep your follicles clean and healthy. An unkempt beard is a tends to be a turn off, not just to potential partners, but in business and most of your daily interaction. There’s lots of studies to show beards can be a real attraction, but when they get unruly, you start to lose your audience. Healthy follicles promote healthy, clean hair growth and that’ll make your exploration way more rewarding.

The core product line-up:
Beard Wash
Bush Beard Wash contains natural oils without the harmful chemicals in regular shampoo that strip away oil. It’s designed to keep your beard hydrated, while cleaning and keeping it feeling fresh. Your beard will feel softer, shinier, and less brittle.

Beard Oil
Bushy Beard Oil not only softens and conditions your beard, it feeds your skin and helps stop itchiness, dryness, acne, irritation and ingrown hairs. Beard Oil really shines, by helping to keep the skin underneath your beard happy and healthy.

Beard Rub
Bushy Beard Rub works as a leave-in conditioner which will moisturize, condition, style and soften your beard. It contains moisturizing shea butter, sunflower oil that can also help boost growth as well as beeswax to helps seal in moisture and provide some hold and shape.
Ingredients: Beeswax, Shea Butter, Jojoba oil, peru oil

Stubble Rub
Bushy Beard Stubble Rub works to both soften your early beard growth while at the same time helping to stimulate strong beard growth moving forward

The results
A variable height logo was created to convey the idea of beard growth.
This extremely playful identifier captured the strategy notion of the “optimist” and packaged it into a logo that feels like it’s there for you whether you’re a wearer of stubble of a Van Dyke.

A default logo was employed on pack designs but on additional collateral applications the logo can flex to fit the medium. Overall, a sense of sophisticated playfulness was created for the brand identity.

A colour palette of two complementary greens was the core system. These greens allude to the idea of growth, which is perfectly aligned to the idea of facial hair growth.

A core typography system employing Poppins makes up the typographic system. This font has just enough of a sense of play to satisfy the brand strategy.

Bushii. For all beardkind.


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    Creative Director: David Taylor


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