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Burgode Heaven in Between Buns

Burgode Heaven in Between Buns

Burgode™ is a modern American fast food restaurant in terms of style and cuisine, specializing in burgers, steaks, appetizers, and meat meals. It’s the perfect place for smash burgers and brisket mixed with high-quality ingredients and special sauces that will take you to another world.
Taste is the main factor that differentiates us from others. Do you want to eat, drink and have fun…!? Take your friends or family and have lots of fun.
Pressing the beef on the grill created a crispy yet juicy crust that cooks up in minutes and which is the star of your burger!
Smash burgers are known for how quickly they cook up and won’t let you wait too much, especially in Burgode™ you can’t fight with the smell and flavour of our food waiting to get ready.
A browned and crispy outside edge is the trick to this juicy patty when you bite into it.

Burgode™ is a fast food restaurant that gives you the opportunity to make your burger sandwiches and the lovely smash burger. The experience is full of fun and energy. However, it’s the perfect place for family gatherings and an outstanding outing for friends.

The concept of the logo is simple, bold, modern, trendy, and energetic. It’s about merging barcodes and burgers and making the brand’s name Burgode™
Designing bacon in the middle of buns as the barcode scanner’s redline. and downside bun making two halves, which means the barcode scanner’s reading area guides. You can see the logo animation to get more satisfied.
The characteristics of the logo shape and letters are bold, big, and trendy. Also, the colours are bold, strong, and vibrant, which reflects the personality of the brand and makes the customers feel hungry in colour psychologically way.
The curvy lines of the pattern come together to form the look of drops of juicy sauces falling from burger sandwiches when you press on or bite them.

Burgode™ is the perfect place for Generation Z, who are smart and full of energy and also love to try new things ourselves.
Burgode™ isn’t only a restaurant but also you will find lots of activities to do with your friends that will make the experience memorable forever.


  • Agency/Creative: Habeshian Graphics
  • Article Title: Burgode Heaven in Between Buns
  • Organisation/Entity: Agency
  • Project Type: Identity
  • Project Status: Published
  • Agency/Creative Country: Syria
  • Agency/Creative City: Aleppo
  • Market Region: Europe, Middle East
  • Project Deliverables: Advertising, Brand Identity, Brand Naming, Branding, Editing, Motion Graphics, Packaging Design
  • Industry: Food/Beverage
  • Keywords: Burgode Burger Barbeque Brisket Grill Steak FastFood Food Restaurant Takeaway Delicious Salads Fries

  • Credits:
    Senior Graphic & Web Designer: Sako Habeshian