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Branding Design by Bedow for a Boat Built for the Far North

Branding Design by Bedow for a Boat Built for the Far North

The Jaktar boat is built for adventure. It’s designed to explore the hidden coastlines, fjords and rivers of the Far North, made with high-quality, hard-wearing materials and touches of luxury to keep you comfortable in the wild. Launching with a brand identity by design studio Bedow brings the quality of the engineering and the spirit of adventure to the fore.

Designed by an outdoor enthusiast with a deep passion for the sea, Jaktar is inspired by the remote Scandinavian landscapes that are only accessible by boat. This is not a vessel for cruising the French Riviera: it’s designed to take you deep into the unknown, on new adventures in the wilds of Scandinavia, and anywhere else you choose to go.

As a first step in creating a brand for this new venture, design studio Bedow worked on the name. It’s adapted from the common term for seafarers in the 19th century – Jack Tars – shortened, condensed and made pronounceable for a multinational audience. The conceptual line – Engineered for Exploration – captures the truth at the heart of the company. Together, they provide a solid foundation for the brand, putting exploration, engineering and adventure at its core.

Studying every detail of the boat revealed a ‘J’ in the profile of the boat’s bow – forming the brand symbol for Jaktar, and providing the design system for the word mark, bespoke typeface and the angle device. The final touch is a colour palette chosen to blend into the natural environment, creating a solid, carefully engineered look that’s built to last.

“The quality of engineering was the key aspect of this project,” says Perniclas Bedow, creative director of Bedow. “So we built the brand in quite a traditional way around a single element – the J symbol – using the profile of the boat and the precision of its engineering to inform every aspect of the brand.”

“It was important for every element of this project to strike the balance of adventure and leisure,” says Igor Melnikov, co-founder of Jaktar. “Bedow approached it with the same attention to detail and precision that went into designing the boat. Every aspect of it is ready for adventure.”



  • Agency/Creative: Bedow
  • Article Title: Branding Design by Bedow for a Boat Built for the Far North
  • Organisation/Entity: Agency, Published Commercial Design
  • Project Type: Identity
  • Agency/Creative Country: Sweden
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