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Branding and Packaging Design for Snob by The BrandHouse

Branding and Packaging Design for Snob by The BrandHouse

Snob. is a new Sparkling Rosé Dry Wine made of the Greek grape variety of Limnionas by Winery Monsieur Nicolas.
Unconventional and self-sarcastic, “Snob.” is here to conquer people’s hearts as a symbol of elitism that every man can enjoy. Snob. but not too snob, thus can be loved by every wine lover on earth. Premium quality, aesthetics, exquisite taste and humor are the ingredients of this new wine.

This new amazing, unique sparkling wine addresses demanding wine fans all over the world with a core target group of women 25-64 who enjoy their wine at restaurants, wine bars and bars or buy it from wine cellars to consume it at home with

The objective was to create a brand for the new rosé sparkling wine of Winery Monsieur Nicolas by G. Karamitros, that is produced in Thessaly in Central Greece and should reach the local and international market of wine lovers.

The subtle, sensitive characteristics of the Limnionas grape variety, the fine taste, the eclectic aromas, the vivid pink color and the bubble effect of the wine revealed its extremely aristocratic profile.

I am Not Snob., I am Just Better than the Others.
Snob. A rather controversial name designed in such a way that it stands out and is at the same time deconstructed, recognizing that the meaning of things lies in their disruption. The same applies for the several characters that illustrate the packaging: through a humorous, self-sarcastic, satirical approach, the interpretation of the word Snob defies its own meaning, revealing the heart of a premium wine that may joke and provoke but is quite perseverant as to how it is exposing its truth.

The experience of this sparkling wine is expressed through a packaging that brings a smile to the face of the consumer at first sight, starting from the name and completed with the funny illustrations of the snobbish characters.
The subtleness and the pureness of this wine are expressed through the lettering and design of the logo and the packaging, bringing modernity and classicism together in harmony and making the fascinating pink color dominant while the artwork is the true protagonist.

The brand was welcomed with enthusiasm by the audience and gain exceptional reviews for its unexpected packaging design and storytelling.


  • Agency/Creative: The Brandhouse
  • Article Title: Branding and Packaging Design for Snob by The BrandHouse
  • Organisation/Entity: Agency, Published Commercial Design
  • Project Type: Packaging
  • Project Status: Published
  • Agency/Creative Country: Greece
  • Market Region: Multiple Regions
  • Project Deliverables: Brand Creation, Brand Experience, Brand Guidelines, Brand Identity, Brand Naming, Brand Strategy, Branding, Graphic Design, Illustration, Packaging Design, Photography, Tone of Voice
  • Format: Bottle
  • Substrate: Glass Bottle