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Branding and Packaging Design for GuacBeauty by ADD Branding

Branding and Packaging Design for GuacBeauty by ADD Branding

GuacBeauty ™ is an American brand of organic skin products, formulated with ingredients based on plants, fruits and superfoods. Its line consists of facial masks, body moisturizers, lip balms and hair treatments.

At GuacBeauty we set out to build much more than a superior skincare line that effectively nourishes, replenishes and protects. From the beginning, we dedicated ourselves to creating an optimized way of living one that first admires the inside before looking out; one that measures sublime comfort by the body’s mental and physical health; one that encourages greater capacity for empathy; one that strikes a balance between still, silent awareness and proactive, positive impact.

We believed that the only way forward was down a path of inclusivity, where individuals, communities and all of humanity would thrive. But how would we do what our world leaders could not? How would we bring everyone together? We knew that if there was one shared appreciation on this earth, it would be towards our namesake and honorary food group, GUACAMOLE.

And with that, we planted the seed and let it grow. GuacBeauty brings out the very best in your skin by deconstructing and reuniting the fascinating and insanely beneficial ingredients of guacamole. At GuacBeauty, we are proving that skincare can be a party, and nothing goes together better than the stuff of nature. GuacBeauty is all about inner beauty, self-confidence and love. We live by the guiding principles that we are all entirely unique, we each deserve luxury, and skincare really can be this much fun.

The GuacBeauty brand is made with organic assets and super fruits, but its objective was not to be seen as a natural cliché but as a young, happy brand that owns a proprietary graphic universe.

For GuacBeauty, the logo, brand identity, 1st product label and packaging were created. To do this, initially it was necessary to understand all the customer’s needs and their perspective of future launches. They will have a great line of natural skin and body care products.

The main idea of the brand identity is the organicity of the natural environment, its freshness and how everything relates in a simple way. For this purpose, an illustration was created that fluidly represents this ecosystem in a conceptual way. The contrasting logo was built with a hard typography, because although the brand is natural, it uses technology and precision for its elaboration. Along with all this we have a powerful, lively and cheerful color palette, combined with the illustration, generating countless graphic possibilities.

The packages were designed to have the minimum of information, just as the formulation of the products has only the essential and natural. But inside it is full of life and where the natural becomes effective.

The use of stickers was planned to add the feeling of handmade and apply freshness and relief to the packaging.


  • Agency/Creative: André Candeloro - ADD Branding
  • Article Title: Branding and Packaging Design for GuacBeauty by ADD Branding
  • Organisation/Entity: Freelance
  • Project Type: Packaging
  • Project Status: Published
  • Agency/Creative Country: Brazil
  • Agency/Creative City: São Paulo
  • Market Region: North America
  • Project Deliverables: Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Packaging Design
  • Format: Box, Jar
  • Substrate: Glass, Pulp Carton
  • Industry: Health Care
  • Keywords: Packaging, Brand identity, logo,

  • Credits:
    Creative Director: andre luiz candeloro Candeloro