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Brand Identity for Anacco Baby Company in Hawaii by Tribox Design

Brand Identity for Anacco Baby Company in Hawaii by Tribox Design

Anacco is a baby essential retail startup founded in 2020 and newly registered in Hawaii. They will soon be launching their fresh brand identity and new products to the market. Their products include toys, garments, clothing accessories, cosmetics and toiletries, baby food and nutrition, baby safety and convenience, and after-birth or motherhood essentials.

The baby product industry is wracked by various challenges such as products made from toxic materials and poor craftsmanship. Targeted at first-time moms, Anacco offers a solution that addresses these concerns. They also promise to deliver innovative, premium-quality products at competitive prices with added features compared to what’s currently available in the market. Added to that is their dedication to excellent customer experience.

While the company is still in its infancy stage, its goal is to become a well-known brand in the baby essentials industry, particularly in the United States of America. Expanding to the e-commerce sector, from retail to social media, is one of the company’s targets. They also aim to have their products made available at big retail companies’ brick-and-mortar stores such as Walmart, Target, Macy’s, and the e-commerce giant, Amazon.

The CEO and owner of Anacco, who has a background in arts, reached out to Tribox Design to help her design a logo, gather her thoughts, and select the best colour scheme for her business. Tribox Design worked closely with the client to help them with the brand development so they stand out in the market. To address the challenges of this new business, part of the Brand Strategy was to go through a Brand Discovery Workshop which involved Anacco’s founder. The Brand Discovery Workshop involved studying the baby industries’ problems and challenges, defining their mission-vision and goals, gathering customer data, understanding consumers’ demographic and psychographic profiles, identifying their market competitors, identifying their value propositions, establishing the only-ness and uniqueness of their products and services, defining their new voice and culture, identifying their marketing channels, and creating effective brand identity.

In addition to the Brand Strategy, two of the top challenges were (1) to create an identity that will bridge the gap between product centricity and customer-centricity and (2) to establish a strong brand identity through visual language. Before we jumped into the process of crafting the new logo, we revisited the business’ identity history. The idea itself was to convey to the targeted market that Anacco is producing and providing baby essential products.

For the final logo, as also requested by the management, we created a custom typeface intended only for Anacco. We retained the stroke of the typeface and refined it to become clearer and more authentic. Tribox Design made sure to retain the friendly look and feel of the design. To be distinctive, the team considered the social and emotional development of babies. The designers crafted the letter A to become functional by creating emojis that represent the different basic emotions and facial expressions of babies. As for the brand mark or icon, we’ve applied the golden ratio in designing and combining the two letters A to form a heart shape to symbolize the special bond between mothers and babies. The letter A also has the flexibility to function as a lock (as shown on the packaging label information) which represents how the company values child’s safety and protection. As for the official colour palette, we chose warm bright colours as it is developmentally appropriate and encourage a child’s development. The new brand identity of Anacco is playful, modern, engaging, gender-neutral, inclusive, flexible, and functional for a variety of contexts including marketing initiatives.

Tribox Design completed this project with a new Mission Vision statement, Core Values, Tagline, and a full Brand Identity System to effectively communicate Anacco’s brand value to its target market. This includes a primary brand mark, secondary brand mark, colour palette, typography, custom icons, and brand tone. All of these are wrapped up in the Brand Guidelines.

About Anacco: Stylish and functional — Anacco brings you the best of both worlds with premium-quality baby essentials that will draw and delight both mama and baby. Mission: Our mission is to nurture the next generation by providing technologically advanced and affordable baby essentials that will support the development of babies and deliver delightful results for mamas everywhere. Vision: We envision a community that prioritizes, promotes, and proactively pursues the wellness and welfare of mamas and babies alike through the use of innovative, comfortable, and sustainable baby products. Core Values: Comfort, Innovation, Sustainability and Trust. Tagline: Loved by Baby. Trusted by Mom. Project Scope / Discipline: Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Brand Messaging, Brand Positioning, Packaging Design and Copywriting.



  • Agency/Creative: Tribox Design
  • Article Title: Brand Identity for Anacco Baby Company in Hawaii by Tribox Design
  • Organisation/Entity: Agency
  • Project Type: Identity
  • Project Status: Published
  • Agency/Creative Country: Philippines
  • Agency/Creative City: Tribox Design
  • Market Region: Global
  • Project Deliverables: Brand Creation, Brand Design, Brand Experience, Brand Guidelines, Brand Identity, Brand Mark, Brand Redesign, Brand Strategy, Brand Tone of Voice, Branding, Copywriting, Identity System, Type Design, Typography
  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Keywords: Toys, Garments, Clothing Accessories, Cosmetics, Toiletries, Baby Food, Nutrition, Baby Safety, Convenience, After-Birth, Motherhood Essentials

  • Credits:
    Brand Strategy: Inu Catapusan
    Corporate Strategy: Regine Ylaya
    Creative Direction: Inu Catapusan
    Art Direction: Regine Ylaya
    Typeface Design: Inu Catapusan
    Research: Regine Ylaya
    Project Copywriter: Faye Penetrante