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Brand Identity and Website for Marketing Conference Geek EX

Brand Identity and Website for Marketing Conference Geek EX

Geek EX is a completely non-standard event for marketers and entrepreneurs. Our client James started this project because he didn’t like boring marketing events. And this is a real torment as marketers are creative people stuck in online processes, and their spirit is eager to break free!

The Geek UP conference takes place in different cities worldwide, and the ticket price starts from $5,000. The peculiarity of the conference is in the atmosphere of rampant networking and wild parties, the programs of which can only be envied. At this party, you can hang out surrounded by wild animals and even ride huge vehicles: the program is constantly updated and can surprise even the pickiest critics.

Partygoers are bohemians who have already built impressive careers and live outside social boundaries. And it’s great that Geek EX allows them to meet the same extraordinary marketing and business geeks.

Design goals:
Our goal is to convey a unique community atmosphere and a completely new educational experience for profit-oriented people accustomed to adapting to a changing marketing market and striving to find like-minded people to exchange valuable ideas.

Our positioning should be completely different from everything on the market, and the style should easily adapt to any city.

“Indiscreet” is how we described the project together with our customer and got to work.

The brand archetype is 70% Creator and 30% Explorer. Creators tend to be non-conformists and desire self-expression. The Explorer is fearless to step where no one has gone before and ask questions that no one has asked before.

People at GeekEX are passionate about their work and share information with ease. Who is the most famous representative of mythology who shared values with others? It’s Prometheus!

Founder James told us that he loves the mix of classic and modern elements. Therefore, our marble texture is full of graffiti and stickers. Marble refers to the myth of Prometheus and the beauty of Ancient Greece. But the Geek EX conference is so free from social boundaries that we can paint this marble in our design!

Our leading element is pixelated 3D marble. The object’s shape will adapt to the objects and sights of the city where the event takes place. The rest of the style is built around it.

We took graffiti with interesting forms straight from the city streets. This is the personal archive of a designer who accidentally photographed urban details.

“I chose such inscriptions so that when vectorized, they could look self-sufficient separately and go well with other tags,” Alina noted. Another city element is stickers. Each sticker is some message that people leave for others. In different parts of different cities, you can find walls covered with stickers.

At the same time, each city in any country has its own graphics on the streets, which can be borrowed into our identity.

There were 3 primary colours – black and two shades of gold. Golden on a black background seems to shine and glow. Therefore, the graphic element at the back of 3D is like a pretentious highlight of our object. The barely flickering graphics in the background are the fire of Prometheus, the spark we bring to the event’s visitors.

We added a spark to the letter g in the logo, symbolizing the fire Prometheus carries and the fire we kindle in people at our events.

The key visual composition is built around the dominant 3D object. The object is the main torch of Prometheus, but for each city or special event, you need to create a new one. For cities, this is sightseeing.

The structure of the composition is centrifugal – in a circle or with a central exception. It seems that all the elements are spinning around the main 3D object.

P.S. The main idea of the conference Geek EX is to convey that marketing is a dynamic area constantly changing, and you need to adapt to changes. Lectures about the “eternal laws of marketing” from businessmen don’t work. So where else can you learn to develop your out-of-the-box thinking and ability to catch trends on the fly? Only in a frenzy like Geek EX.


  • Agency/Creative: League Design Agency
  • Article Title: Brand Identity and Website for Marketing Conference Geek EX
  • Organisation/Entity: Agency
  • Project Type: Identity
  • Project Status: Published
  • Agency/Creative Country: Ukraine
  • Agency/Creative City: Kyiv
  • Market Region: Global
  • Project Deliverables: 3D Design, Brand Creation, Brand Design, Brand Identity, Identity System, Logo Design
  • Industry: Entertainment
  • Keywords: Brand Indentity, branding, conference, Event, logo, Logotype, Web Design, Website

  • Credits:
    Design Director:: Mike Samovarov
    Brand Team Leader:: Aleks Gusakov
    Web Team Leader:: Vadim Haidai
    Graphic Designer:: Alina Borysova
    Web Designer:: Anton Samofalov
    Marketer:: Anna Fedorovych
    Case Designer:: Anton Bukoros
    Motion Designer:: Dima Khrunov
    Brand Team Project Manager:: Maryna Blyzniuk
    Web Team Project Manager:: Sergey Podobny


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