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Bottle Free Condiments April Fools Photography

Bottle Free Condiments April Fools Photography

Today marks a major break through in the bottled condiment sector. The big 3 of the Sauce world have synchronised the launch of their 90% packaging free sauce bottles. Made of sauce from the sauce, these ecologically sound vessels will literally turn the saucing experience upside down.

Chip Dipper, CEO of Lost Your Bottle Industries says “Bottled straight from the sauce technology is going to revolutionise the way we dollop our favourite condiments from table to plate”. He then adds “Just wait till you see the refill packs”.

This is a messy hands production by Angus McDonald and Amar Gill



  • Agency/Creative: Angus McDonald Photography
  • Article Title: Bottle Free Condiments April Fools Photography
  • Organisation/Entity: Freelance
  • Project Type: Campaign
  • Project Status: Non Published
  • Agency/Creative Country: United Kingdom
  • Agency/Creative City: Leeds
  • Market Region: Europe, Global
  • Project Deliverables: Advertising, Advertising Photography, Concept Art, Creative Direction, Food Photography, Packaging Design, Photography
  • Industry: Food/Beverage
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  • Credits:
    Photographer: Angus s McDonald
    Post Production: Amar Gill