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Bauli Dolci Collezioni Launch New Product Range

Bauli Dolci Collezioni Launch New Product Range

Background: Bauli’s mission is to involve people, during festivities and in everyday consumption, in an experience of authentic delicacies combining modernity with tradition. A genuine affection, with the values of the family and the table, the spirit of sharing, the rediscovered recipes of tradition. This leads to an important presence of Bauli in the so-called world of festive seasons. However, the period of festive eating starts around the beginning of November, while the whole month of October and a part of September are very appealing as people are preparing for the arrival of the celebrations. This gives rise to the segment known as “pre-festivity”. We are talking of pastries, principally cakes, with a very tempting nature, often filled or coated with chocolate, cocoa or other preparations. Until 2018 this segment featured a certain homogeneity both in the product and in the language of communication.

Strategy: To enrich the proposal in the pre-festivity segment by launching a mini-line of new cakes whose USP (Unique Selling Point) combines tradition with modernity: a delicious fusion of grains of former times with trendy ingredients.

The project: Study the naming, study the image of the line and the product. The NEOM project aims to create an element of novelty on the shelf by communicating the uniqueness and particularity of these new recipes created by Bauli’s confectionery artists.

The name “Dolci Collezioni – Sweet Collections” immediately makes it clear that we are speaking with a different tone of voice from the existing one. The diagonal cut of the background, like the whole layout, goes to enhance the decisive personality of the range that brings together two times apparently far apart: the past with the present, tradition with contemporaneity.

All the rest of the layout is structured to transmit the “appetite appeal” of the product and to be clear, as it is an absolute novelty, about the type and content of the product.

Three variants, three colour codes held together by a fresh, modern system, that are well able to be seen and distinguished with a refreshing, up-to-date style, consistent with this kind of cake.


  • Agency/Creative: NEOM
  • Article Title: Bauli Dolci Collezioni Launch New Product Range
  • Organisation/Entity: Agency, Published Commercial Design
  • Project Type: Packaging
  • Agency/Creative Country: Italy
  • Market Region: Europe
  • Project Deliverables: Brand Identity, Brand Naming, Brand Strategy, Branding, Graphic Design, Identity System, Illustration, Packaging Design, Tone of Voice
  • Format: Box
  • Substrate: Pulp Carton