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Alvarogdesign Creates Yerbatero Cocktails and Herbs Packaging Design

Alvarogdesign Creates Yerbatero Cocktails and Herbs Packaging Design

In ancient times, the Yerbatero profession was the person who was in charge of making concoctions with different herbs, fruits, spices. This was the key concept we wanted to translate it into the essence of our brand.

The purpose of this project was born with the idea of ​​reinventing the cocktail market and providing a unique experience to the consumer. Offering you the possibility of creating your own spirit mixes, with a take away pack, to enjoy it anywhere. The different cockails in the collection are accompanied by a characteristic decorative fruit.
We reinforce this message with a system of pastel colors, to differentiate the different products of the brand.
The container is made of recycled plastic, to generate a system for reusing it.

The graphics are based on different geometric and iconographic compositions, of the ingredients that make up each product, and the different recipes and mixes of spices. Creating a differentiating and attractive visual system for the consumer.

The brand’s graphic line is based on abstract iconographic systems, making a visual game and competitive hierarchies with the ingredients that make up each cocktail. The result is a design on the front of the packaging, like a puzzle, joined by different shapes, lines, ingredients … producing a linear impact, and differentiating us from the competition.
Each cocktail is divided into different pairings and categories, all of which are numbered and differentiated by the colors and graphics that are applied.

Apart from cocktails, spices are produced for the Yerbatero brand.Following the same compositional structure and graphic line, only the symbol of each spice is applied, as a brand logo. The packaging is a metal pot, recalling the old English tea containers. They give the brand a more premium character.


  • Agency/Creative: Alvarogdesign
  • Article Title: Alvarogdesign Creates Yerbatero Cocktails and Herbs Packaging Design
  • Organisation/Entity: Freelance
  • Project Type: Packaging
  • Project Status: Non Published
  • Agency/Creative Country: Spain
  • Agency/Creative City: Santander
  • Market Region: Europe
  • Project Deliverables: 3D Design, Art Direction, Brand Design, Brand World, Branding, Packaging Design
  • Format: Bag, Bottle
  • Substrate: Metal, Plastic
  • Industry: Food/Beverage
  • Keywords: brand, packaging, cocktails, herbs,

  • Credits:
    Creative Director: Alvaro Garcu00eda
    3D Design Director: Martu00edn Rodru00edguez