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The World Brand Design Society Awards judging criteria measures and evaluates seven broad but distinct areas that separately or collectively distinguish corporate and consumer brand design excellence – they are as follows:

Fit for purpose and in line with the overall project objectives from functional and emotional benefits for end-users to ROI for the business and delivering a positive societal impact.

How relevant is the delivered solution or idea in relation to the brand, product or service. Also considering how contextually relevant the design work is from a present and future cultural and societal perspective.

The generation of an original/unique solution or idea in response to the demands of the initial brief or challenges presented.

The implementation and application of new ideas. Ideas which create value for the business, the environment and society.

The overall quality of implementation, attention to detail and delivery of ideas and solutions.

Communication, visualisation and quality of the presentation. From the quality of the submitted visual assets to the project text description and how the entire project presented.

Considering a broader social perspective by addressing people-centred related issues, e.g., from big environmental concerns to smaller universal or accessible design-related needs of users.


How old can the work be that I submit?
– Work entered must not be published on the market for any longer than three years.

Who needs to be credited for the work? – All internal and external contributors should be credited.