The World Brand Design Awards are an annual showcase of excellence in the areas of professional consumer and corporate brand design.

The World Brand Design Awards are brought to you by the World Brand Design Society. The Awards were established to celebrate and promote the best design agencies and creatives from around the world.

The annual awards programme welcomes entries of commercial and conceptual works in two broad categories: Product Brand Design and Service Brand Design.

Product Brand Design — Consumer Brand and Packaging Design.

Includes: Consumer Brand Identity, Graphic Packaging Design, Structural Packaging Design, Product-Packaging Innovation, Sustainable Packaging Solutions.

Service Brand Design — Corporate Brand Design.

Includes: Corporate Brand Identity, Graphic Design, Retail Design, Spatial Design, Interactive, Moving Image and Digital.

The categories are purposefully left broad and open to accommodate commercially diverse projects, solutions and entries from an array of design thinkers and fields. The aim of the World Brand Design Awards is to celebrate the creative commercial excellence of the entire community.